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Aerojet: Quiz


Question 1: The propulsion devices include rocket motors as large as the EELV ________ strap-on rocket boosters.
Atlas VDelta IIAtlas IIIDelta IV

Question 2: They also do research in the US in the area of electric ion and ________.
Spacecraft propulsionIon thrusterHall effect thrusterElectrostatic ion thruster

Question 3: The takeoff distance was shortened by half, and the ________ placed an order for experimental production versions.
9th Operations Group1st Operations GroupUnited States Army Air CorpsUnited States Army Air Forces

Question 4: They develop and manufacture a wide range of air breathing ________ and scramjet engines.
Aircraft engineTurbofanRamjetTurboprop

Question 5: One of Azusa's major projects was the development of the ________ detectors for the Defense Support Program satellites, used to detect ICBM launches from space.
Electromagnetic spectrumUltravioletX-rayInfrared

Question 6: Aerojet is a major rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer based primarily in Sacramento, California with divisions in Redmond, WA; Orange, VA; Gainesville, VA; and ________.
Little Rock, ArkansasCamden, ArkansasBearden, ArkansasStephens, Arkansas

Question 7: Their products include a wide range of motors, from main engines used on a number of ________ vehicles and ballistic missiles, down to stationkeeping thrusters for spacecraft.
NASAHuman spaceflightSpace RaceSpace exploration

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