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Aerogel: Quiz


Question 1: Kistler's later work involved aerogels based on ________, chromia and tin oxide.
Aluminium oxideAluminium hydroxideAluminiumAluminium chloride

Question 2: Alumina aerogels are also being considered by ________ for capturing of hypervelocity particles; a formulation doped with gadolinium and terbium could fluoresce at the particle impact site, with amount of fluorescence dependent on impact velocity.
Space RaceSpace explorationHuman spaceflightNASA

Question 3: The suitability of aerogels is determined by their low index of refraction, filling the gap between gases and liquids, and their transparency and solid state, making them easier to use than ________ liquids or compressed gases.
Health scienceMetallurgyEngineeringCryogenics

Question 4: This feature also gives it great potential as a ________ or a catalyst carrier.

Question 5: Aerogel is a manufactured material with the lowest bulk ________ of any known porous solid.

Question 6: Aerogel is used to introduce disorder into superfluid ________.
Nuclear fusionLithiumTritiumHelium-3

Question 7: The first step is the creation of a ________ suspension of solid particles known as a “sol”.
SuperfluidPlasma (physics)ColloidLiquid

Question 8: This is typically done by exchanging the ethanol for liquid ________, allowing a better miscibility gradient, and then onto liquid carbon dioxide and then bringing the carbon dioxide above its critical point.
Acetoacetic acidAcetoneSqualeneCholesterol

Question 9: They are often manufactured as composite paper: non-woven paper made of ________, impregnated with resorcinol-formaldehyde aerogel, and pyrolyzed.
AramidCarbon fiberAsbestosNylon

Question 10: While this can be done with ________, the high temperatures and pressures lead to dangerous processing conditions.
Flumazenil1,4-ButanediolAlcoholic beverageEthanol


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