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Aeroflot: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the airport code for Aeroflot?

Question 2:
Where are the headquarters of Aeroflot?

Question 3: It has 24 A320/A319 jet planes for short-haul flights in Europe and 11 ________ planes for long-haul routes.
Boeing 757Boeing 767Boeing 777Boeing 747

Question 4: Aeroflot Flight 411, a four-engined ________ that was departing Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow on a flight to Senegal, crashed and was destroyed by fire shortly after take-off.
Ilyushin Il-76Ilyushin Il-18Ilyushin Il-62Ilyushin Il-14

Question 5: Soviet-made, modified versions of this airliner were named the PS-84 and the ________.
Ilyushin Il-10Polikarpov Po-2Lisunov Li-2Tupolev Tu-2

Question 6:
When was Aeroflot founded?
2002 Adelaide Galaxy FC

Question 7: [5] According to Alexander Kouzminov, Aeroflot may have worked as a front organization of Soviet and Russian intelligence agencies including the KGB, SVR and ________.
Federal Security Service (Russia)Secret Intelligence ServiceGRUCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 8: On April 14, 2006 Aeroflot became the first air carrier in the former Soviet Union to join a global alliance, ________[20].
Airline hubStar AllianceOneworldSkyTeam

Question 9:
Who of the following is a key person at Aeroflot?
* Viktor Petrovich Ivanov
Viktor Vu00E1rkonyi, CEO
Viktor Pinchuk, Gennady Gazin
Viktor Vekselberg, Chairman

Question 10: The aging Tupolev 134s used on the short- and mid-haul routes are being phased out - the former to be replaced by the ________ by November, 2008.
Sukhoi Su-30Sukhoi Su-25Sukhoi Superjet 100Sukhoi PAK FA


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