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Aerobic organism: Quiz


Question 1: ________: Peptidoglycan (NAM, NAG, DAP)
BacteriaCell wallChloroplastCell envelope

Question 2: Individual human cells are also facultative anaerobes: they switch to ________ fermentation if oxygen is not available.
Lactic acidButyric acidPyruvic acidAcetic acid

Question 3: Being an obligate aerobe, although advantageous from the energetical point of view, also means obligatory exposure to high levels of ________.
Reactive oxygen speciesOxidative stressAntioxidantRadical (chemistry)

Question 4: Almost all ________, most fungi, and several bacteria are obligate aerobes.

Question 5: This equation is a summary of what actually happens in three series of biochemical reactions: glycolysis, the ________, and oxidative phosphorylation.
MetabolismGluconeogenesisCitric acid cycleBiochemistry

Question 6: In a process known as ________, these organisms use oxygen to oxidize substrates (for example sugars and fats) in order to obtain energy.
MetabolismCellular respirationGlycolysisProtein

Question 7: Notice that oxygen is used during the oxidation of glucose and ________ is produced.
EarthHydrogenWaterWater resources

Question 8: A good example would be the oxidation of ________ (a monosaccharide) in aerobic respiration.

Question 9: An aerobic organism or aerobe is an ________ that can survive and grow in an oxygenated environment.

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