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Aemilianus: Quiz


Question 1: Aemilian moved towards Rome; here the ________, after a short opposition,[15] decided to recognize him emperor.
Roman MagistratesRoman KingdomAncient RomeRoman Senate

Question 2: Aemilian was killed by them at ________[20] or the Sanguinarium bridge, between Oriculum and Narnia (half way between Spoletium and Rome), and recognised Valerian as the new emperor.

Question 3: During the reign of Trebonianus Gallus and his son Volusianus (251-253), Aemilian was sent to the ________ to command an army.
EuropeBalkansWestern EuropeEastern Europe

Question 4: However, the recent defeat at the ________ put his troops on edge.
Battle of AbrittusDeciusRoman EmpireDacia (Roman province)

Question 5: Aemilian was born in the ________ of Africa.
Roman provinceGallia BelgicaHispaniaRoman Britain

Question 6: According to the 4th century source Epitome de Caesaribus, he was born at Girba (modern ________, an island off the coast of Tunisia) and was a Moor;[1] a reference in the same source hints that he was born around 207.
IsraelHoumt SoukDjerbaBerber people

Question 7: He was not popular with the army, mainly due to humiliating treaties signed in 251 with the Goths and King ________ of Persia who attacked Syria.
Sassanid EmpireArdashir IShapur IIran

Question 8: [21] After his death, which happened between late July and mid-September, a ________ against Aemilian was declared.
Damnatio memoriaeSeptimius SeverusCaligulaClaudius

Question 9: Gallus secured the throne after the death of emperor ________ at the hands of Cniva in the battle of Abrittus (251), and later had to manage an outbreak of plague that devastated Rome.
DeciusDiocletianGratianConstantine I

Question 10: Commander of the Moesian troops, he obtained an important victory against the invading ________ and was, for this reason, acclaimed emperor by his army.
Germanic peoplesWielbark cultureGothsVandals


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