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Question 1: They were flightless and had extremely reduced wings, smaller than those of the ________ compared to the birds' overall size, and with a uniquely reduced carpometacarpus (Livezey, 1994).
RaphinaeDodoColumbidaeRodrigues Solitaire

Question 2: Their ________ have been found the drier areas of New Zealand, and only in the lowlands.
Geologic time scalePaleontologyFossilGeology

Question 3: In life the adzebills were massive ________, the size of small moa (with which they were initially confused with on their discovery) with enormous downward-curving and pointed bill, and strong legs.

Question 4: They have been placed in the ________ but this is not entirely certain.

Question 5: The adzebills (genus Aptornis) were two closely related ________ species, the North Island Adzebill, Aptornis otidiformis, and the South Island Adzebill, Aptornis defossor, of the extinct family Aptornithidae.
ArchaeopteryxModern birdsBirdEnantiornithes


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