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Question 1: printing English words in bold and French translations in fine print to deal with the Article 120 of the 1994 ________ limiting the use of English in French advertising).
French languageBreton languageToubon LawEnglish language

Question 2: ________ held a similar competition for their Tahoe line of SUVs.
GMC (automobile)General MotorsChevroletGM Daewoo

Question 3: [93] ________ organisations aim at training people, especially children in the workings of the media and advertising in their programmes.
RussiaMedia literacyDenmarkFrance

Question 4: above), mainly Psychiatry, ________, Neurology and behavioural sciences, are constantly in search for ever more refined, sophisticated, subtle and crafty methods to make advertising more effective.
Social anthropologyCultureSocial sciencesAnthropology

Question 5: The efficiency of advertising is improved through ________.
Ad TrackingMarketing researchAdvertising researchCopy testing

Question 6: A striking example of this is the refusal of TV stations to broadcast ads by ________.
Culture jammingAdbustersThe Yes MenSubvertising

Question 7: For Georg Franck at Vienna University of Technology advertising is part of what he calls “mental capitalism”,[35][36] taking up a term (mental) which has been used by groups concerned with the mental environment, such as ________.
Culture jammingSubvertisingAdbustersThe Yes Men

Question 8: Another example of advertising in film is in I, Robot, where main character played by ________ mentions his Converse shoes several times, calling them "classics," because the film is set far in the future.
Wild Wild West (Will Smith song)Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)Lost and Found (Will Smith album)Will Smith

Question 9: Advertising on the ________ is a recent phenomenon.
NetscapeHTMLInternetWorld Wide Web

Question 10: Neuromarketing is a controversial new field of marketing which uses medical technologies such as functional ________ (fMRI) -- not to heal, but to sell products.
Magnetic resonance imagingMedical imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imagingPositron emission tomography

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