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Question 1: The fake history of the "last existing appanage republic of the ________", Soviet Unterzoegersdorf.
RussiaSoviet UnionJoseph StalinEast Germany

Question 2: To monochrom it was clear that the ________, an almost extinct form of computer game, would provide the perfect media platform to communicate the idea of "Soviet Unterzoegersdorf"[1].
Adventure gameInteractive fictionVisual novelGraphic adventure game

Question 3: It is aimed at intermediate-level game designers, and combines an ________ (IDE) for setting up most aspects of the game with a scripting language to process the game logic.
C (programming language)KDevelopMicrosoft Visual StudioIntegrated development environment

Question 4: Adventure Game Studio (acronym AGS) is a freeware tool that can be used to create graphical ________.
Visual novelAdventure gameGraphic adventure gameInteractive fiction

Question 5: The editor and runtime engine are currently designed for Windows operating systems, though Mac OS and ________ ports of the engine are also available, the Mac OS port is currently discontinued.
SCO-Linux controversiesLinuxOpenSolarisGNU

Question 6: Prior to AGS 2.7, a ________ engine was also available; this has since been discontinued.
DOSMS-DOSFile Allocation TableCP/M

Question 7: Jones was inspired by the apparent simplicity of ________'s adventure game interface, specifically as showcased in Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers.
Sierra EntertainmentBlizzard EntertainmentVivendi GamesActivision Blizzard

Question 8: It is not yet possible to run the editor to create games on operating systems other than Windows without an ________ or API wrapper like WINE.
Assembly languageComputer softwareComputer programEmulator

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