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Adventure Comics: Quiz


Question 1: Wrath of ________: Stories from issues #431-440
Power GirlEarth-TwoSpectre (comics)Doctor Fate

Question 2: Showcase Presents: ________ Volume 1: Stories from issues #260-280, 282 & 284

Question 3: Showcase Presents: ________ Volume 1: Stories from issues #250-266, plus stories from other comics
Solomon Grundy (comics)Hal JordanGreen ArrowJohn Stewart (comics)

Question 4: While asking the pigeon if it would like to join the Legion, Starman crashes into a sign of a local Smallville ________.

Question 5: Showcase Presents: ________ Volume 1: Stories from #247, 267, 282, 290, 293, 300-328
Legion of Super-HeroesSuperboy (Kon-El)SupermanSuperboy-Prime

Question 6: It ran for 503 issues (472 of those after the title changed to Adventure Comics), making it the fifth-longest-running DC series, behind Detective Comics, ________, Superman and Batman.
Action ComicsDC Comics PresentsWorld's Finest ComicsSuperman/Batman

Question 7: After visiting ________'s childhood home in Smallville, Superman arrives and talks to Conner about his desire to understand his "other father." Superman tells Conner not to worry about Luthor, saying that the madman is a problem for the Man of Steel.
Lex LuthorDarkseidSolomon Grundy (comics)Brainiac (comics)

Question 8: Other superheroes who appeared in the early days of Adventure included ________ (beginning with issue #48), Starman (beginning with #61), and Jack Kirby's Manhunter (beginning with #73).
Flash (Jay Garrick)HourmanEarth-TwoAll-Star Squadron

Question 9: It was revived in 2009 by writer ________ with the Conner Kent incarnation of Superboy headlining the title's main feature, and the Legion of Super-Heroes in the back-up story.
Geoff JohnsJames Robinson (comics)Mark WaidOne Year Later

Question 10: After recounting the history of the ________, Starman converses with a pigeon in mid-flight while having a soda and cheeseburger.
SupermanSuperboy (Kon-El)Superboy-PrimeLegion of Super-Heroes

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