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Advanced life support: Quiz


Question 1: ________ or hypokalemia: disturbances in the level of potassium in the blood, and related disturbances of calcium or magnesium levels.
Metabolic acidosisDiabetic ketoacidosisHyperkalemiaRenal tubular acidosis

Question 2: Depending on the type of ________, defibrillation is applied, and medication is administered.
Myocardial infarctionSupraventricular tachycardiaCardiac dysrhythmiaAtrial fibrillation

Question 3: ________ is administered and endotracheal intubation may be attempted to secure the airway.

Question 4: ________: low amount of circulating blood, either absolutely due to blood loss or relatively due to vasodilation
HypovolemiaHypokalemiaDehydrationAcid-base imbalance

Question 5: Medication that may be administered may include ________ (epinephrine), amiodarone, atropine, bicarbonate, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Question 6: At regular intervals, the effect of the treatment on the heart rhythm, as well as the presence of ________, is assessed.
Circulatory systemCardiac outputBlood pressureFetal circulation

Question 7: ________: tear in the lung leading to collapsed lung and twisting of the large blood vessels
AsthmaPneumoniaHemothoraxTension pneumothorax

Question 8: Defibrillation is now administered as a single shock, each followed immediately by two minutes of ________ before rhythm is re-assessed (five cycles of CPR).
ICD-9-CM Volume 3ElectrocardiographyCardiopulmonary resuscitationSurgery

Question 9: Canadian paramedics may be certified in either ALS or in only basic life support (see ________).
Emergency medical services in CanadaEmergency medical servicesParamedics in CanadaParamedics in the United States

Question 10: It is practiced by in-hospital cardiac arrest teams, which generally consist of junior doctors from various specialties (________, general or internal medicine).
General anaestheticDepressantAnestheticLocal anesthetic


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