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Question 1: Adsorption is the adhesion of ________ of gas, liquid, or dissolved solids to a surface.

Question 2: ________ are natural or synthetic crystalline aluminosilicates which have a repeating pore network and release water at high temperature.

Question 3: Oxygen-containing compounds – Are typically hydrophilic and polar, including materials such as ________ and zeolites.
AluminiumEthanolSilica gelChromatography

Question 4: ________ is a chemically inert, nontoxic, polar and dimensionally stable (< 400 °C) amorphous form of SiO2.
Silica gelChromatographyEthanolAluminium

Question 5: In 1938 Stephan Brunauer, Paul Emmett, and ________ developed a model isotherm that takes that possibility into account.
J. Robert OppenheimerEdward TellerEmilio G. SegrèHarry S. Truman

Question 6: ________ is a highly porous, amorphous solid consisting of microcrystallites with a graphite lattice, usually prepared in small pellets or a powder.
Chelation therapyWhole bowel irrigationActivated carbonPoison

Question 7: Similar to ________, adsorption is a consequence of surface energy.
Surface tensionFluid staticsViscosityFluid dynamics


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