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Question 1:
Adolf Hitler is a citizen of which country?
German later American
Russian German American
German, British

Question 2:
What or what did 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler swear allegiance to?

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Triumph of the Will have?
Triumph of Death
Triumph of the Will
How She Triumphed
Toby's Triumph

Question 4:
Who was a commander in the Beer Hall Putsch?
Brigadier John Inglis
LtGen Harry M. Wyatt III
Gen Craig R. McKinley
Hans Ritter von Seisser

Question 5:
When did Adolf Hitler die?

Question 6: [310] The various accounts of Hitler's private statements vary strongly in their reliability; Most importantly, ________'s Hitler speaks is considered by most historians to be an invention.
Adolf HitlerGdańskHermann RauschningArthur Greiser

Question 7: Hitler may also have been influenced by ________'s On the Jews and their Lies.
LutheranismPhilipp MelanchthonMartin LutherProtestant Reformation

Question 8: He was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (1907–1908), citing "unfitness for painting", and was told his abilities lay instead in the field of ________.
EuropeArchitectural theoryArchitectureItaly

Question 9: In February 1934, Hitler met with the British Lord Privy Seal, Sir ________, and hinted strongly that Germany already possessed an Air Force, which had been forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles.
Anthony EdenWinston ChurchillAlec Douglas-HomeHarold Macmillan

Question 10: This process can be appreciated by watching ________'s Triumph of the Will, which presents the 1934 Nuremberg Rally.
Leni RiefenstahlDas Blaue LichtAdolf HitlerTiefland (film)

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