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Adolescent psychology: Quiz


Question 1: It has been identified as a period in which young people develop ________ abilities, become more aware of their sexuality, develop a clearer sense of psychological identity, and increase their independence from parents.

Question 2: One issue in adolescent psychology discusses whether adolescence is in fact a discrete developmental period, a point along a continuum of human development, or a ________.
SociologyPositivismSocial constructionismCritical theory

Question 3: [1] ________ saw it as the "genital phase" of psychosexual development, where the child recaptures the sexual awareness of infancy.
Immanuel KantWilliam JamesExistentialismSigmund Freud

Question 4: [4] These interactions are not always positive; peer pressure is very prevalent during adolescence, leading to increases in ________ and misdemeanor crime.

Question 5: Adolescents are widely considered by the psychological establishment to be prone to recklessness and risk-taking behaviors, which can lead to substance abuse, ________, unsafe sex and youth crime.
Automobile safetySeat belt legislationTraffic collisionRoad traffic safety

Question 6: [17] ________ such as clinical depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders can initially show in adolescence.
Mood disorderAntidepressantBupropionOmega-3 fatty acid

Question 7: [1] G. Stanley Hall denoted this period as one of "Storm and Stress" and, according to him, ________ at this developmental stage is normal and not unusual.
Conflict resolutionProcess consultantConflictOrganizational conflict

Question 8: ________ focused on cognitive development, seeing adolescence as the "formal operative stage" where the young person develops the ability to think abstractly and draw conclusions from the information available.
Developmental psychologySigmund FreudJean PiagetErik Erikson

Question 9: ________, on the other hand, attributed the behavior of adolescents to their culture and upbringing [2] as that the majority of problems associated with adolescence in Western society are not present in other cultures.
Margaret MeadKenneth E. BouldingAnatol RapoportRussell L. Ackoff

Question 10: [18][19] Girls aged between 15 and 19 make up 40% of ________ cases.
Body dysmorphic disorderBulimia nervosaMajor depressive disorderAnorexia nervosa

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