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Question 1: The Director of Naval Construction, Sir Eustace Tennyson-d'Eyncourt, was given instructions to prepare designs for a new "________".
BattlecruiserFast battleshipQueen Elizabeth class battleshipIndefatigable class battlecruiser

Question 2: Operations: Cruise of the Special Service Squadron, Invergordon Mutiny, Mers-el-Kebir, ________
Last battle of the battleship BismarckBattle of the Denmark StraitBattle of the Atlantic (1939–1945)Convoy PQ 17

Question 3: Fate: Sunk 24 May 1941 by ________ battleship Bismarck
Karl DönitzKriegsmarineGerman Type VII submarineScharnhorst class battleship

Question 4: The loss of British battlecruisers at the ________ in 1916 led to changes in the design.
Battle of JutlandNaval warfare of World War INight action at the Battle of JutlandWorld War I

Question 5: Hood, however, was sufficiently advanced in construction that she was completed and later saw service in ________.
Second Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupationsWorld War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 6: ________
Bogue class escort carrierRiver class frigateList of World War II shipsList of World War II ship classes

Question 7: The Royal Navy needed better ships than the Admiral-class and started looking forward to the ________ and N3 battleships.
DreadnoughtAdmiral class battlecruiserHMS Hood (51)G3 battlecruiser

Question 8: 20 × 0.5 in (12.7 mm) (5×4) ________
Lewis GunLee-EnfieldVickers machine gunMills bomb

Question 9: This would have, on paper, made Hood into a ________, as it appeared that it had equal protection to the Queen Elizabeth-class, while having greater speed.
BattlecruiserLion class battlecruiserIndefatigable class battlecruiserFast battleship

Question 10: At the same time the US was starting on the Lexington-class battlecruisers (later to become the ________) and South Dakota-class battleships in her bid to create a navy without equal.
North Carolina class battleshipAlaska class cruiserColorado class battleshipLexington class aircraft carrier


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