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Administrative divisions of North Korea: Quiz


Question 1: ISO 3166-2:KP, ISO codes for cities, regions, and provinces in ________
Korean PeninsulaKorean People's NavySouth KoreaNorth Korea

Question 2: The three special administrative regions were all created in 2002 for the development of collaborative ventures with ________ and other countries.
North KoreaKorean PeninsulaSeoulSouth Korea

Question 3: Names are romanized according to the ________ system as officially used in North Korea; the editor was also guided by the spellings used on the 2003 National Geographic map of Korea).
HangulKorean languageKorean romanizationMcCune–Reischauer

Question 4: Many of the units have equivalents in the system of ________.
Korean PeninsulaSouth KoreaSeoulNorth Korea

Question 5: The administrative divisions of ________ are organized into three hierarchical levels.
Korean People's NavyKorean PeninsulaNorth KoreaSouth Korea

Question 6: Administrative regions map, ________
Universal Postal UnionUnited NationsWorld Food ProgrammeFood and Agriculture Organization

Question 7: At the highest level are nine ________, two directly-governed cities, and three special administrative divisions.

Question 8: The three-level administrative system used in North Korea was first inaugurated by ________ in 1952, as part of a massive restructuring of local government.
Mao ZedongJoseph StalinKim Il-sungCold War

Question 9: The nine provinces (Do; , ) derive from the traditional provinces of Korea, but have been further subdivided since the ________.
Korea under Japanese ruleSouth KoreaDivision of KoreaHistory of Korea

Question 10: Previously, the country had used a multi-level system similar to that still used in ________.
South KoreaSeoulNorth KoreaKorean Peninsula


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