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Administrative divisions of Georgia (country): Quiz


Question 1: Regions were established by Presidential decrees from 1994 to 1996, on a provisional basis until the secessionist conflicts in ________ and South Ossetia are resolved.
Georgia (country)AbkhaziaCrimeaAdjara

Question 2: De jure, ________ is headed by the Chairman of the Supreme Council (in exile) while de facto it is headed by the President.
AdjaraGeorgia (country)AbkhaziaSouth Ossetia

Question 3: ________ represents a breakaway republic whose independence is not recognized internationally.
AdjaraAbkhaziaSouth OssetiaGeorgia (country)

Question 4: ________, which is headed by the Chairman of Cabinet of Ministers, became fully loyal to the central authorities of Georgia following a peaceful ousting of the former secessionist leader in 2004.
AdjaraAbkhaziaGeorgia (country)South Ossetia

Question 5: The status of the former South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast – ________ (also referred to as Samachablo or Tskhinvali Region), is the subject of negotiation with the de facto separatist government, headed by the President.
Akrotiri and DhekeliaDagestanIngushetiaSouth Ossetia

Question 6: The autonomous republics (________ and Adjara) were established during the Soviet regime and are recognized by the modern Georgian Constitution.
South OssetiaCrimeaAbkhaziaGeorgia (country)


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