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Question 1: They are each granted a certain degree of autonomy, and are required to manage themselves through their own ________.
FranceLocal governmentProvinceMunicipality

Question 2: ________
OdessaKievList of etymologies of country subdivision namesList of country name etymologies

Question 3: Within those entities are the large and small cities or towns, which may or may not be the ________.
New YorkArkansasMississippiCounty seat

Question 4: Constituency - usually refers to an electoral division (which is not an administrative division), but in Namibia and in ________ in Switzerland, "constituency" means "administrative division".
Canton of SchwyzZürichCanton of St. GallenCanton of Zürich

Question 5: See: ________
MunicipalityList of terms for administrative divisionsProvinceLocal administrative unit

Question 6: ________, a national or supra-national division.
HaitiNicaraguaMexicoSovereign state

Question 7: For example, Cambridge and ________ appear to the casual traveler as one large city, while locally they each are quite culturally different and occupy different counties.
Phoenix, ArizonaBostonDenverAtlanta

Question 8: For example, a country may be divided into provinces (or states), which in turn are divided into ________, which in turn may be divided in whole or in part into municipalities.
CountyCityIndependent cityTown

Question 9: ________ Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions — Part 2
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2ISO 3166-1 alpha-3ISO 3166-1ISO 3166-2

Question 10: Administrative divisions are conceptually separate from ________, in that the former are included in the core or mainland of the respective state.
ColonyMunicipalityDependent territoryAutonomous area


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