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Question 1: An example are cross-department ________.
Military organizationBritish ArmyDivision (military)Task force

Question 2: The term is also used to describe the form of government used in the science fiction novels Voyage from Yesteryear by James P. Hogan and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, by ________.
Cory DoctorowCyberpunkKarl SchroederAlternate history

Question 3: ________ claimed in his book Future Shock that adhocracies will get more common and are likely to replace bureaucracy.
FuturologyAlvin TofflerThe Third Wave (book)Prosumer

Question 4: [3] It is different from ________; like Toffler, Mintzberg considers bureaucracy a thing of the past, and adhocracy one of the future.
Executive (government)BureaucracyLawCivil society

Question 5: ________ (FEMA)that oversees the coordination of local, state, federal and non-profit organizations in any given national emergency.
United States Coast GuardFederal Protective Service (United States)Federal Emergency Management AgencyUnited States Secret Service

Question 6: Future Shock by ________ (ISBN 0-553-27737-5)
The Third Wave (book)Alvin TofflerFuturologyProsumer

Question 7: The word is a ________ of the Latin ad hoc, meaning 'for the purpose', and the suffix -cracy, from the ancient Greek kratein (κρατείν), meaning 'to govern'[1], and is thus a heteroclite.
PortmanteauBlendHumpty DumptySupercouple

Question 8: Adhocracy is a type of organization being antonymous to ________.
BureaucracyExecutive (government)Civil societyLaw


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