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Question 1: Elastomers, thermoplastics, Emulsion, and thermosetting adhesives based on polyvinyl acetate, epoxy, polyurethane, ________ polymers are examples of synthetic adhesives.
CyanoacrylateMethyl cyanoacrylateEthyl cyanoacrylateButyl cyanoacrylate

Question 2: ________ remains the preferred glue of the luthier.
ProteinAnimal glueGelatinCollagen

Question 3: As the modern world evolved, several other patented materials, such as bones, starch, fish, and ________, were introduced as alternative materials for glue manufacture.

Question 4: Another example is when someone tries to pull apart ________ cookies and all the filling remains on one side; this is an adhesive failure, rather than a cohesive failure.
Jell-OKraft FoodsOreoFreia (chocolate)

Question 5: Starch based adhesives are used in ________ production and paper sack production, paper tube winding, wall paper adhesives.
LabelCorrugated box designCorrugated fiberboardPackaging and labeling

Question 6: They may be further heated to initiate a ________ reaction and increase molecular weight.
Cross-linkDisulfide bondProtein–protein interactionProtein

Question 7: Natural adhesives are made from inorganic mineral sources, or biological sources such as vegetable matter, ________ (dextrin), natural resins or from animals e.g.

Question 8: Another form of natural adhesive is blood ________ (made from protein component of blood), which is used in the plywood industry.
Egg yolkAmino acidEgg (food)Egg white

Question 9: The ________ also used adhesives to make their short bows, and the Native Americans of the eastern United States used a mixture of spruce gum and fat as adhesives to fashion waterproof seams in their birchbark canoes.
MonguorKalmyk peopleBorjiginMongols

Question 10: 6000-year-old ceramics show evidence of adhesives based upon ________ made by rendering animal products such as horse teeth.
Animal glueGelatinCollagenProtein

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