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Adenosine deaminase: Quiz


Question 1: Adenosine deaminase (also known as ADA) is an ________ (EC involved in purine metabolism.
EnzymeEnzyme inhibitorProteinCofactor (biochemistry)

Question 2: CAD (Carbamoyl phosphate synthase II, ________, Dihydroorotase)
Thymidylate synthaseInosine monophosphate synthaseTrifunctional purine biosynthetic protein adenosine-3Aspartate carbamoyltransferase

Question 3: The resulting deficiency is one cause of ________ (SCID).
Wiskott-Aldrich syndromeX-linked severe combined immunodeficiencyAtaxia telangiectasiaSevere combined immunodeficiency

Question 4: ADAT (ADAT1, ADAT2, ADAT3) is a ________-specific ADA, changing the tRNA to allow for a wobble base pairing.
Mitochondrial DNACreatine kinaseTransfer RNAMitochondrion

Question 5: ADA2 is the predominant form present in human blood plasma and is increased in many diseases, particularly those associated with the immune system: for example rheumatoid arthritis, ________ and sarcoidosis.
PsoriasisSystemic lupus erythematosusAtopic dermatitisVitiligo

Question 6: ADA irreversibly deaminates adenosine, converting it to the related nucleoside inosine by the removal of an ________ group.

Question 7: Some ________ in the gene for adenosine deaminase cause it to be not expressed.
Population geneticsEvolutionSpeciationMutation

Question 8: It is needed for the breakdown of ________ from food and for the turnover of nucleic acids in tissues.
Adenosine diphosphateAdenosine triphosphateAdenosineAdenosine monophosphate

Question 9: There is some evidence that a different allele (ADA2) may lead to ________.
Pervasive developmental disorderAutismRett syndromeAsperger syndrome

Question 10: ADA1 is found in most body cells, particularly ________ and macrophages, where it is present not only in the cytosol and nucleus but also as the ecto- form on the cell membrane attached to dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (aka, CD26).
Immune systemAdaptive immune systemThymocyteLymphocyte


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