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Question 1: Normal colonic glands tend to be simple and tubular in appearance with a mixture of ________ secreting goblet cells and water absorbing cells.
Respiratory systemLungInfluenzaMucus

Question 2: By ________ the cells from a biopsy, a pathologist will determine whether the tumor is an adenocarcinoma or some other type of cancer.
Silver stainMasson's trichrome stainMethylene blueStaining

Question 3: ________ gland tumors, such as a VIPoma, an insulinoma, a pheochromocytoma, etc, are typically not referred to as adenocarcinomas, but rather, are often called neuroendocrine tumors.
ThyroidEndocrine systemHypopituitarismEndocrinology

Question 4: [6] These demonstrate various degrees of cytologic atypia, including hyperchromasia, pleomorphism, prominent ________.
Cell (biology)Endomembrane systemNucleolusCell nucleus

Question 5: Adenocarcinoma not otherwise specified is often a preliminary diagnosis and can frequently be clarified by a pathologist with the use of ________.
SerologyImmunofluorescenceImmunohistochemistryDiagnostic immunology

Question 6: Benign adenomas typically do not invade other tissue and rarely ________.
Head and neck cancerMetastasisCancerCancer staging

Question 7: This tissue is also part of a larger tissue category known as ________.
Stratified squamous epitheliumHistologyMicrovillusEpithelium

Question 8: ________ (95% of pancreatic cancers are ductal adenocarcinomas.)[11]
DigestionLiverPancreasEndocrine system

Question 9: [6] Adenocarcinoma is a ________, and as such, it is not as responsive to radiation therapy as is small cell lung carcinoma, but is rather treated by surgically, for example by pneumonectomy or lobectomy.
Non-small cell lung carcinomaMesotheliomaLung cancerSolitary pulmonary nodule

Question 10: Adenocarcinoma of the ________ is currently the most common type of lung cancer in lifelong non-smokers.
Immune systemRespiratory systemLungDigestion


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