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Question 1: German forces began preparing for mass deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto to the ________ in July 1942 and the Jewish Council was ordered to provide lists of Jews and maps of residences.
Auschwitz concentration campAction T4Operation ReinhardTreblinka extermination camp

Question 2: Adam Czerniaków is interred in the Okopowa street cemetery in ________.

Question 3: He committed suicide in the ________ on July 23, 1942.
Warsaw Ghetto UprisingWarsaw GhettoMajdanek concentration campTreblinka extermination camp

Question 4: He was not, however, despite all his pleading, able to obtain an exemption for orphans from the ________'s orphanage.
AntisemitismWarsawThe Pianist (memoir)Janusz Korczak

Question 5: In the 2001 Warner Bros. motion picture, Uprising, actor ________ portrayed Adam Czerniaków.
Donald SutherlandGeorge C. ScottPeter O'TooleBeau Bridges

Question 6: When he failed, he returned to his office and took one of the ________ capsules he had been keeping for just such an occasion.

Question 7: Adam Czerniaków (30 November 1880 – July 23, 1942) was a Polish-Jewish engineer and senator to the Polish Sejm (for Nonpartisan Bloc for Cooperation with the Government), born in Warsaw, ________.

Question 8: ________  : Operation Reinhard • Auschwitz • Belzec • Chelmno • Majdanek • Sobibor • Treblinka
The HolocaustExtermination campHolocaust denialEinsatzgruppen


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