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Adalbert of Prague: Quiz


Question 1: It was a standard procedure of Christian missionaries to try to chop down sacred oak trees (see ________), which they had done in many other places, including Saxony.
Byzantine IconoclasmTen CommandmentsProtestant ReformationIconoclasm

Question 2: Adalbert was a well-educated man, having studied for about ten years (970-80) in ________ under Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg.
MagdeburgErfurtBremenHalle, Saxony-Anhalt

Question 3: The bishop and his followers - including his half-brother Radim (Gaudentius) - entered Prussian territory and went along the ________ coast to Gdańsk.
Baltic SeaNorth SeaArctic OceanBlack Sea

Question 4: ________ visited Gniezno and held a ceremonial divine service in which heads of seven European states and about a million believers took part.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Paul VIPope Pius XI

Question 5: After he had converted Hungary, he was sent by the Pope to convert the heathen ________.
Prussia (region)Prussian CrusadeTeutonic KnightsOld Prussians

Question 6: The massive bronze ________ of Gniezno Cathedral, of about 1175, are decorated with 18 reliefs of scenes from the saint's life, the only Romanesque church doors in Europe to contain a cyccle illustrating the life of a saint.
AachenCharlemagneGniezno DoorsMagdeburg

Question 7: 956 – April 23, 997), a bishop of Prague, ________, was martyred in his efforts to convert the Baltic Prussians.
MissionaryState religionIslamChristianity

Question 8: He was later made the patron saint of ________, Poland, Hungary, and Prussia.
Czech RepublicPragueBohemiaMoravia

Question 9: In ________, near Beregovoe village (former Tenkitten), where Adalbert's death hypothetically took place, a ten-meter cross was established.
Krasnoyarsk KraiKaliningrad OblastLeningrad OblastSaint Petersburg

Question 10: ________
Kingdom of Hungary in the Middle AgesHistory of Medieval KosovoRomania in the Middle AgesHistory of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown (Middle Ages)


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