Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle: Quiz

Question 1: Van moves to live with Cordula de Prey, Percy's cousin, in her ________ apartment, whilst he fully recovers.
ManhattanStaten IslandNew York CityBrooklyn

Question 2: In the autumn of 1892 Lucette, now having declared her ________ for Van, brings him a letter from Ada in which she announces she has received an offer of marriage from a wealthy Russian, Andrey Vinelander.
JealousyLoveLimerenceChemical basis for love

Question 3: Van acquiesces, leaves, and attempts ________, which fails when his gun fails to fire.
CremationSuicideEuthanasiaDeath and culture

Question 4: Ada then flies back to ________ to meet with Van.

Question 5: Later in 1905, Ada and Andrey arrive in ________ as part of a party engaged in uncovering Lucette's fortune, concealed in various hidden bank accounts.

Question 6: With Ada having married Andrey Vinelander, Van occupies himself in traveling and his studies, until 1901 when Lucette reappears in ________.
United KingdomWalesScotlandEngland

Question 7: Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle publication history at the ________
Science fictionOnline general-interest book databasesCory DoctorowFacebook

Question 8: A crude idea of the years covered by each section are provided in brackets, below, but the narrator's ________ often stray outside of the periods noted.
ThoughtPerceptionLearningCognitive psychology

Question 9: He then leaves his ________ apartment and preoccupies himself with hunting down a former servant at Ardis, Kim Beauharnais, who had been blackmailing them with photographic evidence of their affair, and beating him with an alpenstock until he is blind.
BrooklynStaten IslandNew York CityManhattan

Question 10: During their stay in ________, however, Andrey falls ill with tuberculosis, and Ada decides that she cannot abandon him until he has recovered.

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