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Ad hoc: Quiz


Question 1: In science and philosophy, ad hoc means the addition of extraneous hypotheses to a theory to save it from being ________.
AristotleEmpiricismScientific methodFalsifiability

Question 2: Many ________ systems have an underlying database which can be accessed by only a limited number of queries and reports.
OpenOffice.orgComputer softwareApplication softwareMicrosoft Office

Question 3: Typically this would be via a user-friendly ________-based system without the need for the in-depth knowledge of SQL, or database schema that a programmer would have.
Desktop environmentGraphical user interfaceX Window SystemWidget toolkit

Question 4: Examples of ad hoc pronunciations would be DIK-shun-air-ee and DIK-shuh-nair-ee (the capitalization indicating the ________ to be stressed).
Mora (linguistics)Vowel lengthGeminationSyllable

Question 5: Ad hoc querying is a term in ________.
SociologySocial sciencesInformation sciencePsychology

Question 6: Although he later referred to it as his "greatest blunder", it has been found to correspond quite well to the theories of ________.
Dark matterInflation (cosmology)Dark energyBig Bang

Question 7: This is in contrast to systems such as the ________, which attempt to put pronunciation schemes on a formal, standardized footing.
International Phonetic AlphabetVoiceless alveolar fricativeVelar nasalX-SAMPA

Question 8: Because such reporting has the potential to severely degrade the performance of a live system, it is usually provided over a ________.
Database normalizationMaster Data ManagementOnline analytical processingData warehouse

Question 9: Ad hoc hypotheses are often characteristic of ________ subjects.
Fringe sciencePseudoscienceScientific methodRelationship between religion and science

Question 10: Ad hoc querying/reporting is a business intelligence subtopic, along with ________, Data warehousing, data mining and other tools.
ROLAPOnline analytical processingData warehouseOLAP cube


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