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Acupressure: Quiz


Question 1: ________'s (TCM) acupuncture theory predates use of the scientific method, and has received various criticisms based on scientific thinking.
Severe acute respiratory syndromeTraditional Chinese medicineHerbalismPublic health-care in China

Question 2: Acupressure (a blend of "________" and "pressure") is a complementary medicine technique derived from acupuncture.
Alternative medicineHomeopathyTraditional Chinese medicineAcupuncture

Question 3: The TCM theory for the selection of such points and their effectiveness is that they work by stimulating the meridian system to bring about relief by rebalancing yin, yang and ________ (also spelled "chi").
Tao Te ChingQiTaoismTaiji

Question 4: Many ________ martial arts also make extensive study and use of acupressure for self-defense and health purposes (chin na, tui na).
Central AsiaFar EastSoutheast AsiaEast Asia

Question 5: There is no known anatomical or histological basis for the existence of ________ or meridians.
AcupressureMedical acupunctureElectroacupunctureAcupuncture point

Question 6: In acupressure physical pressure is applied to ________ by the hand, elbow, or with various devices.
Medical acupunctureElectroacupunctureMeridian (Chinese medicine)Acupuncture point

Question 7: The results were not ________, but a separation test indicated that further study is warranted.
Statistical hypothesis testingMultiple comparisonsStatistical significanceConfidence interval

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