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Acts of Union 1707: Quiz


Question 1: In Scotland, about 100 of the 227 members of the ________ were members of the Court Party, meaning that they supported the Queen and union.
OireachtasParliament of ScotlandParliament of EnglandParliament of the United Kingdom

Question 2: On 12 April 1654, Cromwell – styling himself ________ of England, Scotland and Ireland – enacted An Ordinance by the Protector for the Union of England and Scotland which created 'one Commonwealth and under one Government' to be known as the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Lord ProtectorOliver CromwellRegentMonarch

Question 3: [27] Whilst it has power to make laws in Scotland – in addition to the UK Parliament – over many ________ issues, there are other reserved powers such as defence and foreign affairs over which it has no power.
Interior ministryForeign ministerMontenegroCyprus

Question 4: In the aftermath of the Civil War, in which the ________ had fought for the King, Oliver Cromwell conquered Scotland and began a process of creating a 'Godly Britannic' Union between the former Kingdoms.
EdinburghCovenanterArchibald Johnston, Lord WarristonIrish Confederate Wars

Question 5: Whilst free trade was brought about amongst the new Commonwealth, the economic benefits were generally not felt as a result of heavy taxation used to fund Cromwell's ________.
English Civil WarThird English Civil WarNew Model ArmyOliver Cromwell

Question 6: Articles of Union 1707 at the ________
Bonar LawVictoria TowerDavid Lloyd GeorgeParliamentary Archives

Question 7: The Solemn League and Covenant 1643 sought a forced union of the Church of England into the ________, and although the covenant referred repeatedly to union between the three kingdoms, a political union was not spelled out.
History of ScotlandScottish ReformationScottish Episcopal ChurchChurch of Scotland

Question 8: ________.
Scottish EnlightenmentHow the Scots Invented the Modern WorldEdinburghScotland

Question 9: In pursuing the English throne in the 1560s, ________ pledged herself to a peaceful union between the two kingdoms.
James II of EnglandJames I of EnglandMary, Queen of ScotsJames V of Scotland

Question 10: Following the ________ in 1689, the records of the Parliament of Scotland show much discussion of possible union.
Glorious RevolutionEnglandMagna CartaMonarch


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