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Activin and inhibin: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (BMP2, BMP3, BMP4, BMP5, BMP6, BMP7, BMP8a, BMP8b, BMP10 , BMP15)
TGF beta signaling pathwayActivin and inhibinBMPR1ABone morphogenetic protein

Question 2: ________ stimulate inhibin production; this peptide may also help to locally regulate spermatogenesis.

Question 3: Inhibin is produced in the gonads, ________, placenta and other organs.
Pineal glandPituitary glandPosterior pituitaryHypothalamus

Question 4: Activin is produced in the gonads, ________, placenta, and other organs:
Pituitary glandPineal glandPosterior pituitaryHypothalamus

Question 5: In the ovarian follicle, activin increases FSH binding and FSH-induced ________.
Covalent bondChemical bondAromaticityConjugated system

Question 6: Activin and inhibin are two closely related ________ complexes that have opposing biological effects.

Question 7: The activin and inhibin protein complexes are both dimeric in structure, and, in each complex, the two monomers are linked to one another by a single ________.
Peptide bondDisulfide bondMethylationAmino acid

Question 8: Smad3 then translocates to the nucleus and interacts with SMAD4 through multimerization, resulting in their modulation as ________ complexes responsible for the expression of a large variety of genes.
Transcription factor II DTranscription factorGeneral transcription factorTranscription factor II F

Question 9: As with other members of the superfamily, activins interact with two types of cell surface ________ (Types I and II) which have intrinsic serine/threonine kinase activities in their cytoplasmic domains.
Chemokine receptorReceptor (biochemistry)Metabotropic receptorMembrane receptor

Question 10: Activin enhances FSH biosynthesis and secretion, and participates in the regulation of the ________.
OvulationMenstruationMenstrual cycleMenopause

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