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Question 1: Users assign themselves a unique name, log into the Active Worlds ________ universe, and explore 3D virtual worlds and environments that other users have built.
Virtual realityVirtual worldSimulated realityVirtual world language learning

Question 2: plans to release the first customer-oriented feature in years: the introduction of Customizable Avatars, similar to ________.
Teen Second LifeLinden LabSecond Life GridSecond Life

Question 3: The program's original goal was to be the 3D-equivalent of a 2D web browser (such as ________ or Firefox).
DirectXInternet Explorer MobileMicrosoft WindowsInternet Explorer

Question 4: COFMeta, a world loosely based on the book ________
Snow CrashThe Diamond AgeCryptonomiconAnathem

Question 5: This is a virtual world where users can enter as a ________ or other character and interact with the world.
BratzBarbieBratz: The Movie (video game)Bratz Babyz (video game)

Question 6: In the summer 1994, Ron Britvich created WebWorld, the first ________ world where tens of thousands could chat, build and travel.
Side-scrolling video gameParallax scrollingSprite (computer graphics)2.5D

Question 7: Alphaworld contains several more square kilometers of available space than the real-world state of ________ in the United States of America.
San Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaLos AngelesCalifornia

Question 8: Mars, a world themed on a futuristic version of ________,
MarsPhobos (moon)Deimos (moon)Water on Mars

Question 9: ________ - a virtual learning environment
Active Worlds3D computer graphicsQuest AtlantisSimulated reality

Question 10: Active Worlds has two ways of entering its universe: as a free tourist or as a paid ________.
Ancient GreeceHonorary Canadian citizenshipCitizenshipLaw

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