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Question 1: The most common forms of down-conversion are ________ or center-cut (cropping off the left and right sides of the 16:9 image to fit into the 4:3 raster).
Pan and scanAnamorphic widescreenLetterboxWidescreen

Question 2: Without AFD, either a fixed ________ or center-cut will be required on a station-by-station basis.
LetterboxAnamorphic widescreenWidescreenPan and scan

Question 3: With AFD included in these signals, cable and satellite providers will be able to dynamically control whether HD content is to be either ________ or center-cut for their SD viewers.
Pan and scanAnamorphic widescreenWidescreenLetterbox

Question 4: A fixed ________ will result in an undesirable windowbox effect on SD originated programming.
Anamorphic widescreenWidescreenLetterboxPan and scan

Question 5: On a 4:3 TV, this will then be shown as a 16:9 ________ to ensure no image is lost.
Pan and scanAnamorphic widescreenLetterboxWidescreen

Question 6: As of 2006, AFDs are only broadcast in a minority of the countries using MPEG ________.
Digital Video BroadcastingDVB-TDigital televisionATSC (standards)


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