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Question 1: ________, such as computer viruses and spyware, can be accidentally installed from malicious websites using ActiveX controls (drive-by downloads).
SharewareProprietary softwareComputer insecurityMalware

Question 2: ActiveX is a framework for defining reusable software components (known as controls) that perform a particular function or a set of functions in ________ in a way that is independent of the programming language used to implement them.
Internet Information ServicesDirectXInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Windows

Question 3: ________ also allows embedding ActiveX controls onto web pages.
Internet Explorer MobileDirectXInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Windows

Question 4: ActiveX controls — small program building blocks — can serve to create distributed applications that work over the ________ through web browsers.
E-mailWorld Wide WebInternetInternet Relay Chat

Question 5: One can compare ActiveX controls in some sense to ________: programmers designed both of these mechanisms so that web browsers could download and execute them.
Java (programming language)Apache HarmonyJava appletJava (software platform)

Question 6: Java applets can run on nearly any platform, while ActiveX components officially operate only with Microsoft's ________ web browser and the Microsoft Windows operating system.
DirectXInternet Information ServicesInternet Explorer MobileInternet Explorer

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