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Activation-synthesis hypothesis: Quiz


Question 1: It synthesizes a narrative by drawing on ________ systems in an attempt to make sense of what it has experienced.
Cognitive psychologyNeuropsychologyKC (patient)Memory

Question 2: Additionally, it has been argued by some that Hobson and McCarley's account of dreaming is incompatible with the phenomenon of ________, though neuroimaging studies on the relationship of lucid dreaming to normal dreaming are still ongoing.
SleepSleep paralysisLucid dreamHypnagogia

Question 3: This random firing sends signals to the body's motor systems, but because of a paralysis that occurs during ________, the brain is faced with a paradox.
DreamHypnagogiaNarcolepsyRapid eye movement sleep

Question 4: It states that dreams are a random event caused by firing of neurons in the ________.
DigestionBrainSensory systemNervous system


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