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  • the title witch of action game Bayonetta can form giant boots with her hair to attack enemies, but loses some of her clothing in the process?

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Question 1: ________ feature combat between pairs of fighters, usually using exaggerated martial arts moves.
Light gun shooterPlatform gameBeat 'em upFighting game

Question 2: ________
List of freeware first-person shootersCapture the flagList of first-person shootersPlatform game

Question 3: [6] Most ________ are action games, because they can be difficult for unskilled players, and thus make more money quickly.
Video gamePersonal computer gameArcade gameVideo game genres

Question 4: They are distinct from ________ such as boxing games which attempt to model movements and techniques more realistically.
Video game genresPlatform gameVideo gameSports game

Question 5: The genre includes diverse subgenres such as ________, shooter games, and platform games.
Shoot 'em upFighting gameBeat 'em upLight gun shooter

Question 6: Tests by scientists at the University of Rochester on college students showed that over a period of a month, performance in eye examinations improved by about 20% in those playing Unreal Tournament compared to those playing ________.
TetrisTetris: The Soviet Mind GameTetris (Game Boy)Tetris DS

Question 7: ________ allow the player to take action at a distance using a ranged weapon, challenging them to aim with accuracy.
Platform gameShooter gameLight gun shooterFirst-person shooter

Question 8: In an action game, the player typically controls the ________ of a protagonist.
RamaVishnuHindu deitiesAvatar

Question 9: This subgenre includes ________ and third-person shooters, as well as a plethora of other shoot 'em up games taking place from a top-down or side-view perspective.
First-person shooterPlatform gameLight gun shooterAction game

Question 10: Maze games such as ________ involve navigating a maze to avoid or chase adversaries.
Pac-ManiaPac-ManPac-Man PlusMs. Pac-Man

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