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Question 1: Isometric platform games, often most associated with the ________.
Sinclair ResearchSAM CoupéZX SpectrumZX81

Question 2: In 1978, a programmer for ________, Warren Robinett, was given the task of transferring Colossal Cave Adventure to the Atari 2600.
PongAtariAtari, Inc.Atari Interactive

Question 3: The history of the action-adventure genre began with the text-based ________ (1976), which was the first adventure game ever created.
Interactive fictionSierra EntertainmentMystery HouseColossal Cave Adventure

Question 4: First-person action-adventures, which make use of ________ gameplay, forgoing constant action in favor of important adventure game elements such as environmental problem-solving and a complex plot.
Platform gameLight gun shooterFirst-person shooterAction game

Question 5: ________, which emphasize avoiding detection by enemies rather than engaging them in direct combat, leading to a greater emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving than other types of action games.
Survival horrorPlatform gameFirst-person shooterStealth game

Question 6: An action-adventure game can be defined as a game with a mix of elements from an ________ and an adventure game,[4] especially crucial elements like puzzles.
Action gameFirst-person shooterShoot 'em upLight gun shooter

Question 7: ________, which emphasize "inventory management" and making sure the player has enough ammunition and recovery items to "survive" the horror setting.
Fighting gamePlatform gameThird-person shooterSurvival horror

Question 8: First written for the PDP-10, it was later ported to countless other platforms, including the ________ video game console, on which it was renamed to Adventure (1979) and contained graphical elements.
Atari 2600Atari 5200Atari 7800Atari 2800

Question 9: ________, which feature heavy emphasis on combat and real-time battle systems,[11] as well as the use of RPG gameplay aspects such as stats.
Tactical role-playing gameRole-playing video gameAction role-playing gameComputer role-playing game

Question 10: Later Silas Warner arrived at Muse Software he developed Castle Wolfenstein, an action-adventure that would later inspire iD Software to create ________.
Catacomb 3-DWolfenstein 3DWolfenstein (series)Doom (video game)

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