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Actinopterygii: Quiz


Question 1:
What phylum does Actinopterygii belong to?

Question 2: Order Tetraodontiformes, including the filefishes and ________

Question 3: They are ubiquitous throughout ________ and marine environments from the deep sea to the highest mountain streams.
Water resourcesFreshwaterLakeEarth

Question 4:

Question 5:
  • Order Argentiniformes, including the ________ and slickheads (formerly in Osmeriformes)
    BarreleyeSternoptychidaeBrownsnout spookfishTelescopefish

Question 6: This microvertebrate has been uncovered in Russia, Sweden, and ________[1].

Question 7: Examples of demonstrably ________ or unnatural groups include the Paracanthopterygii, Scorpaeniformes, and Perciformes[2].
DNA barcodingParaphylyCladisticsClade

Question 8: Order Acipenseriformes, including the sturgeons and ________
Lake sturgeonHusoPallid sturgeonPaddlefish

Question 9: Order Characiformes, including ________, pencilfishes, hatchetfishes, piranhas, tetras, dourado / golden (genus Salminus) and pacu.
Astyanax (fish)CharacidaeAnostomidaeSerrasalminae

Question 10: Order Gymnotiformes, including ________ and knifefishes
Electric eelElectricityActinopterygiiChordate

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