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Actinomycosis: Quiz


Question 1: Cg+ S. aureus (Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, ________, MRSA)
DiphtheriaAnthraxErysipelasToxic shock syndrome

Question 2: Actinomycosis is primarily caused by any of several members of the bacterial ________ Actinomyces.
GenusLifeSpeciesBiological classification

Question 3: This name refers to the large ________ that grow on the head and neck of the infected animal.
Systemic lupus erythematosusAbscessCellulitisImpetigo

Question 4: In cases of penicillin allergy, ________ is used.

Question 5: Actinomycosis occurs rarely in humans but rather frequently in ________ as a disease called lumpy jaw.
Water BuffaloCattleWild boarDeer

Question 6: The disease is characterized by the formation of painful ________ in the mouth, lungs,[3] or gastrointestinal tract.
AbscessCellulitisImpetigoSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 7: A, bacitracin susceptible: S. pyogenes (Scarlet fever, Erysipelas, ________, Streptococcal pharyngitis)
MyocarditisRheumatic feverTuberculous pericarditisSubacute bacterial endocarditis

Question 8: Violinist ________ died of actinomycosis.
Robert SchumannJohannes BrahmsJoseph JoachimHector Berlioz

Question 9: Actinomyces bacteria are generally sensitive to ________, which is frequently used to treat actinomycosis.
CycloserineBeta-lactam antibioticCephalosporinPenicillin

Question 10: In 1877, ________ Otto Bollinger described the presence of Actinomyces bovis in cattle, and shortly afterwards, James Israel discovered Actinomyces israelii in humans.
PathologyInfectionDiseaseInfectious disease


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