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Question 1: Once a bill has passed both Houses in an identical form, it receives final, formal examination by the ________ who invariably gives it the Royal Assent.
AustraliaJamaicaCommonwealth realmGovernor-General

Question 2: For example, bills imposing a tax, or involving public expenditure, are introduced into the House of Commons in the United Kingdom by convention, and in ________'s House of Commons and Ireland's Dáil as a matter of law.
United StatesCanadaBarbadosBelize

Question 3: In territories with a ________, most bills that have any possibility of becoming law are introduced into parliament by the government.
Commonwealth realmParliamentary systemWestminster systemPrime minister

Question 4: Finally, the approved bill receives assent; in most territories this is merely a formality, and is often a function exercised by the ________.
Head of stateMonarchMonarchyUnited Kingdom

Question 5: In some countries, such as in Spain and ________, the term for a bill differs depending on whether it is initiated by the government (when it is known as a "project"), or by the Parliament (a "proposition", i.e.
GreeceMaldivesPortugalEast Timor

Question 6: Acts passed by the ________ did not originally have titles, and could only be formally cited by reference to the parliamentary session in which they were passed, with each individual act being identified by a chapter number.
Parliament of ScotlandPolitics of EnglandParliament of EnglandParliament of the United Kingdom

Question 7: All acts of Parliament (since 1988) and statutory instruments are available free on-line under ________ terms from the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI).
Commonwealth realmCrown copyrightQuebecBritish Columbia

Question 8: An act of Parliament (Act of Parliament)[1] is a statute (commonly called a law) enacted as primary legislation by a national or sub-national ________.
ParliamentUnicameralismBicameralismParliamentary system

Question 9: The State of ________'s Parliament is unicameral and skips this and the rest of the stages.
Northern TerritoryNew South WalesQueenslandAustralia

Question 10: Conversely, bills proposed by the Law Commission and consolidation bills traditionally start in the ________.
House of LordsHouse of Commons of the United KingdomPolitics of the United KingdomParliament of the United Kingdom


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