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Question 1: [3][4][5] As the game was published by ________, Square Enix currently holds the rights to the Virtual Console edition.
DigiCubeTaito CorporationSquare Co.Enix

Question 2: [10] On December 12, 2003 ActRaiser was inducted into ________'s Greatest Games of All Time.

Question 3: A few graphical and musical changes were made (the original logo typeface being much more stylised, and without the ________ "R"), and the action sections are more difficult in the Japanese version.
Programming languageCamelCaseLetter caseCapitalization

Question 4: In 2007, ActRaiser became available on the Wii's ________ download service in Europe, North America and Japan.
Virtual ConsoleWii RemoteWiiWareWii Balance Board

Question 5: ActRaiser was awarded Best Music of 1993 by ________.
EGM April Fools' jokesNintendo PowerVideo game consoleElectronic Gaming Monthly

Question 6: Square Enix made a port of the original ActRaiser for ________, published by Macrospace on September 1, 2004.
Smartphone4GUniversal Mobile Telecommunications SystemMobile phone

Question 7: As the Japanese text for the prequel, ActRaiser 2, reveals, the protagonist's original name was ________, and the antagonist is Satan.

Question 8: ActRaiser also became available on the Wii's ________.
Wii Balance BoardWii RemoteWiiWareVirtual Console

Question 9: A version of the game was also released for European ________ in 2004.
SmartphoneUniversal Mobile Telecommunications SystemMobile phone4G

Question 10: [11] It was rated the 150th best game made on a Nintendo System in ________'s Top 200 Games list.
Total!NGC MagazineEdge (magazine)Nintendo Power

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