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Question 1: ________: VHSIC hardware description language, where VHSIC stands for very-high-speed integrated circuit.
Application-specific integrated circuitField-programmable gate arrayVerilogVHDL

Question 2: The ________ changed the full form of its name from Ohio College Library Center to Online Computer Library Center.
Rhode IslandFloridaOnline Computer Library CenterPennsylvania

Question 3: [36][37] (In The New York Times, the plural possessive of G.I., which the newspaper prints with periods in reference to ________ soldiers, is G.I.’s, with no apostrophe after the s.)
United States armed forcesUnited States ArmyUnited States Army AfricaUnited States Marine Corps

Question 4: It is not uncommon for acronyms to be cited in a kind of ________, called a folk etymology, for a word.
Dutch languageFalse etymologyGerman languageSwedish language

Question 5: ________: Geheime Staatspolizei (secret state police)
Adolf HitlerHeinrich HimmlerNazi GermanyGestapo

Question 6: ________: International Criminal Police Organization
InterpolBosnia and HerzegovinaKyoto ProtocolCyprus

Question 7: However, it has become common among many writers to ________ initialisms as ordinary words, using simple s, without an apostrophe, for the plural.
Polish languageBulgarian languageGrammatical genderInflection

Question 8: Acronyms and initialisms are ________ that are formed using the initial components in a phrase or name.
AbbreviationAcronym and initialismEnglish languageUnited States

Question 9:

Question 10: ________: (W three C) World Wide Web Consortium
World Wide Web ConsortiumHTMLCascading Style SheetsXHTML

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