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  • Maurice Tillet was disfigured by acromegaly from a young age, but cashed in on his appearance by becoming an early wrestler?

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Question 1: ________, the last Mexican Governor of California (1801–1894), manifested acromegaly without gigantism between at least 1847 and 1858.
Andrés PicoJosé Darío ArgüelloPío PicoJohn C. Frémont

Question 2: ________, hyperpigmentation, and hyperhidrosis may occur in these patients.
Nail diseaseBaldnessHirsutismHypertrichosis

Question 3: ________, wrestler, also known as "The Big Show" or "The Giant".
Adam CopelandPaul WightMatt HardyChris Jericho

Question 4: This genetic change, or ________, is not present at birth, but is acquired during life.
Population geneticsMutationSpeciationEvolution

Question 5: It has been suggested that the character 'Punch' from ________ was originally a caricature of an Acromegaly sufferer.
LondonPunch and JudyEnglandItaly

Question 6: On the other hand, scientists have found that in some acromegaly patients who already have diabetes, octreotide can reduce the need for insulin and improve ________ control.
Glycated hemoglobinBlood sugarBlood plasmaReference ranges for blood tests

Question 7: Increased palmar sweating and sebum production over the face (________) are clinical indicators of active growth hormone (GH) producing pituitary tumors.
Seborrhoeic dermatitisVasculitisCellulitisPsoriasis

Question 8: Paul Benedict (1938–2008), stage, film, and television actor, best known for his role as Harry Bentley on the sitcom ________.
Maude (TV series)The JeffersonsChecking InGood Times

Question 9: In addition, compression of the surrounding normal pituitary tissue can alter production of other ________, leading to changes in menstruation and breast discharge in women and impotence in men because of reduced testosterone production.
Endocrine systemThyroid hormoneProgesteroneHormone

Question 10: Currently, treatment options include surgical removal of the tumor, drug therapy, and ________ of the pituitary.
Ionizing radiationRadiation therapyX-rayNuclear fusion

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