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Question 1: With one exception, in the United States an acquittal cannot be appealed by the prosecution because of constitutional prohibitions against ________.
Exclusionary ruleCapital punishmentDouble jeopardyJury trial

Question 2: Under the rules of ________ and autrefois acquit, an acquittal operates to bar the retrial of the accused for the same offense, even if new evidence surfaces that further implicates the accused.
Exclusionary ruleCapital punishmentJury trialDouble jeopardy

Question 3: For example, ________ was held civilly liable for wrongful death even after being tried and acquitted of murder.
O. J. SimpsonPro BowlAmerican Football LeagueNational Football League

Question 4: ________ has two acquittal verdicts: not guilty and not proven.
ScotlandScottish independenceScots lawEnglish law

Question 5: The effect of an acquittal on criminal proceedings is the same whether it results from a ________ verdict, or whether it results from the operation of some other rule that discharges the accused.
JuryJury trialGrand juryJury nullification

Question 6: An acquittal, while conclusive as to the criminal law, does not necessarily bar private civil actions in ________ or on some other grounds as a result of the facts alleged in the charge.
Product liabilityNegligenceTortReasonable person

Question 7: In the ________ tradition, an acquittal formally certifies the innocence of the accused, as far as the criminal law is concerned.
Civil law (legal system)Reception statuteCommon lawSharia

Question 8: However, until 1774 a defendant acquitted by an English or Welsh court would be remanded to ________ until he had paid the jailer for the costs of his confinement.
PrisonUnited StatesUnited KingdomCapital punishment


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