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Question 1: Tempo was still undecided on her course of action, but was considering joining them while ________ and Carmella Unuscione had not made any decision one way or the other.
Mystique (comics)Decimation (comics)Joanna CargillAcolytes (comics)

Question 2: The Acolytes resurfaced after the events of Decimation, consisting of returning members Exodus and Cargill, Random who aided them in a mission before, and former ________ member Tempo.
Mutant Liberation FrontX-MenDeadpoolCable (comics)

Question 3: Some members of the Acolytes even worshipped him with a religious fervor and regarded him as the “mutant ________.” The Acolytes first appeared in X-Men vol.
Jewish eschatologyMessiahSecond ComingJesus

Question 4: After the events of Fatal Attractions and the ________, the Acolytes found a cocoon drifting in space.
Decimation (comics)X-MenAge of ApocalypseHouse of M

Question 5: 2 #1 (October 1991) and were created by ________ and Jim Lee.
X-MenJohn ByrneChris ClaremontJean Grey

Question 6: Genosha was attacked by a “wild Sentinel” programmed by ________.
Cassandra NovaCyclops (comics)Emma FrostX-Men

Question 7: In Magneto’s ending in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, he has killed ________, the leader of Shadaloo.
Ryu (Street Fighter)Guile (Street Fighter)CammyM. Bison

Question 8: In ________, the Acolytes once again serve Magneto on Genosha.
X-23X-Men Origins: WolverineSabretooth (comics)Wolverine and the X-Men

Question 9: It consists of Fabian Cortez, Amelia Voght, Marco Delgado, Chrome, Carmela Unuscione, ________, and Byron Calley.
Joanna CargillAcolytes (comics)Mystique (comics)Decimation (comics)

Question 10: Magneto housed them on his space station, ________, giving the mutants refuge.
Forge (comics)Sentinel (comics)Nightcrawler (comics)Asteroid M


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