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Question 1: In the ________, many discharges from abandoned mines are exempt from regulatory control.
CanadaWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 2: With the advanced of Large-scale sequencing strategies, ________ of microorganisms in the acid mine drainage community are directly sequenced from the environment.

Question 3: [11] Our knowledge of ________ remains rudimentary: we know of many more species associated with ARD than we can establish roles and functions.
ArchaeaAcidophiles in acid mine drainageChloroflexus aurantiacusAcidophile (organisms)

Question 4: Generally, ________ or other calcareous strata that could neutralize acid are lacking or deficient at sites that produce acidic rock drainage.
Carbonate rockKarst topographyLimestoneSedimentary rock

Question 5: Their metabolic products include bicarbonate, which can neutralize water acidity, and ________, which forms highly insoluble precipitates with many toxic metals.
Hydrogen sulfideNitrous oxideNitric oxideCarbon monoxide

Question 6: Argo Tunnel, ________, USA
Idaho Springs, ColoradoGolden, ColoradoGeorgetown, ColoradoCentral City, Colorado

Question 7: After being exposed to air and water, ________ of metal sulfides (often pyrite, which is iron-sulfide) within the surrounding rock and overburden generates acidity.

Question 8: The resulting slurry is directed to a sludge-settling vessel, such as a ________.
Sewage treatmentSewage sludge treatmentAnaerobic digestionIndustrial wastewater treatment

Question 9: Acid mine drainage (AMD), or acid rock drainage (ARD), refers to the outflow of ________ water from (usually abandoned) metal mines or coal mines.
AcidAcid–base reactionAcid dissociation constantOxygen

Question 10: ________, Canada
VancouverCopperBritannia Beach, British ColumbiaCadmium

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