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Acid-base homeostasis: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ are slower to compensate, but renal physiology has several powerful mechanisms to control pH by the excretion of excess acid or base.
LiverEndocrine systemUrinary systemKidney

Question 2: This alters the concentration of ________ in the blood, shifting the above reaction according to Le Chatelier's principle, which in turn alters the pH.
Carbon sinkCarbon cycleCarbon dioxideGreenhouse gas

Question 3: Acid-base homeostasis is the part of human homeostasis concerning the proper balance between ________ and bases, in other words, the pH.
AcidOxygenAcid dissociation constantAcid–base reaction

Question 4: Extracellular buffers include bicarbonate and ________, whereas proteins and phosphate act as intracellular buffers.

Question 5: Outside the acceptable range of pH, proteins are denatured and digested, enzymes lose their ability to function, and ________ may occur.
ImmortalityDeath and cultureDeathBurial

Question 6: The bicarbonate buffering system is especially key, as ________ (CO2) can be shifted through carbonic acid (H2CO3) to hydrogen ions and bicarbonate (HCO3-) as shown below.
Carbon sinkCarbon dioxideCarbon cycleGreenhouse gas


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