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Question 1: ________ contain fatty acid esters such as phospholipids.
Cell membraneCell nucleusCell (biology)Vesicle (biology)

Question 2: An α-amino acid has a central carbon (the α or alpha carbon) which is covalently bonded to a ________ group (thus they are carboxylic acids), an amino group, a hydrogen atom and a variable group.
AlkaneCarboxylic acidAlcoholEster

Question 3: In fact, ________ functionalized into polystyrene sulfonate is a solid strongly acidic plastic that is filterable.
Polyvinyl chloridePolycarbonatePolystyrenePolytetrafluoroethylene

Question 4: In contrast, chloric acid (HClO3) is a weaker acid, though still quite strong (pKa = -1.0), while chlorous acid (HClO2, pKa = +2.0) and ________ (HClO, pKa = +7.53) acids are weak acids.
Sodium hydroxideHypochlorous acidGlucoseAmmonia

Question 5: Halogen oxoacids: ________, chloric acid, perchloric acid, periodic acid and corresponding compounds for bromine and iodine
Sodium hydroxideHypochlorous acidAmmoniaGlucose

Question 6: ________, H2S, is a stronger acid than water, even though oxygen is more electronegative than sulfur.
Carbon monoxideNitrous oxideNitric oxideHydrogen sulfide

Question 7: An Arrhenius acid is a substance that increases the concentration of the ________, H3O+, when dissolved in water.
HydroniumAmmoniaAcid dissociation constantHydrogen

Question 8: On the other hand, for organic acids the term mainly indicates the presence of one ________ and sometimes these acids are known as monocarboxylic acid.
AlcoholAlkaneEsterCarboxylic acid

Question 9: The ________ K is an expression of the equilibrium concentrations of the molecules or the ions in solution.
Statistical mechanicsEquilibrium constantAcid dissociation constantChemical equilibrium

Question 10: Superacids can permanently protonate water to give ionic, crystalline ________ "salts".
Acid dissociation constantHydroniumAmmoniaHydrogen

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