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Achilles tendon: Quiz


Question 1: It is covered by the fascia and the integument, and stands out prominently behind the bone; the gap is filled up with areolar and ________.
AdipocyteCollagenAdipose tissueBrown adipose tissue

Question 2: It serves to attach the plantaris, gastrocnemius (calf) and soleus ________ to the calcaneus (heel) bone.
FasciaMuscleTorsoHead and neck anatomy

Question 3: The Achilles tendon (or occasionally Achilles’ tendon), also known as the calcaneal tendon or the tendo calcaneus, is a ________ of the posterior leg.

Question 4: Achilles' mother, the goddess ________, received a prophecy of her son's death.
ZeusTrojan WarGreek mythologyThetis

Question 5: During the ________, Achilles was struck on his unprotected heel by a poisoned arrow, which killed him.
OdysseusReturns from TroyGreek mythologyTrojan War

Question 6: The oldest-known written record of the tendon being named for ________ is in 1693 by the Flemish/Dutch anatomist Philip Verheyen.

Question 7: Xanthoma can develop in the Achilles tendon in patients with ________.
AbetalipoproteinemiaHypertriglyceridemiaFamilial hypercholesterolemiaHyperlipidemia


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