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Question 1: By the same definition, the common fruit type in the Family ________ is also usually considered achene (although some scientists consider the asteraceous achene cypsela).
AsteraceaeFlowering plantFlowerPlant

Question 2: Some achenes tumble in the wind, similar to a ________; this type sometimes is called a "tumble fruit".
Diaspore (botany)SalsolaEuropeTumbleweed

Question 3: Typical achenes are the fruits of buttercup, ________, dandelion and cannabis.

Question 4: Achenes are monocarpellate (formed from one ________) and indehiscent (they do not open at maturity).
FlowerGynoeciumStamenFlowering plant

Question 5: For example, a ________ "seed" in the husk is not a seed, but an achene.
SugarcaneSunflowerChinese tallowPanicum virgatum

Question 6: The most familiar achenes are those of the ________, where the "seeds" are the achenes (technically the 'botanical' fruits), while what is eaten as the ('culinary') fruit is a so-called accessory fruit.
Folic acidLysineAppleGarden strawberry

Question 7: A winged achene, such as in ________, is called a samara.
Acer rubrumAcer platanoidesMapleAcer campestre

Question 8: A ________ is a type of fruit that closely resembles an achene, but differs in that the pericarp is fused to the thin seed coat in the grain.

Question 9: Achenes contain a single ________ that nearly fills the pericarp, but does not adhere to it.
PlantSeedFruitFlowering plant

Question 10: An achene (also sometimes referred to as "akene" and occasionally "achenium" or "achenocarp") is a type of simple dry fruit produced by many species of ________.
GymnospermEmbryophyteFlowering plantFern

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