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Acetone: Quiz


Question 1: These products arise via an initial ________ to give diacetone alcohol.
Aldol condensationAcetic acidAldol reactionAldehyde

Question 2: Acetone is also produced by the direct oxidation of propene with a Pd(II)/Cu(II) catalyst, akin to the ________.
OxygenAcetaldehydeCatalysisWacker process

Question 3: when waste ________ is poured into waste solvent containing acetone.
EthanolAntisepticHydrogen peroxideChlorhexidine

Question 4: [2] Familiar household uses of acetone are as the active ingredient in ________ and as paint thinner and sanitary cleaner/nail polish remover base.
LipstickCosmeticsNail polishHair removal

Question 5: This colorless, mobile, flammable liquid is the simplest example of the ________.

Question 6: Acetone peroxide is more than ten times as sensitive to friction and shock as ________.
Erythritol tetranitratePentaerythritol tetranitrateCorditeNitroglycerin

Question 7: Acetone has been shown to have ________ effects in animal models of epilepsy, in the absence of toxicity, when administered in millimolar concentrations.
DepressantDissociativeMood stabilizerAnticonvulsant

Question 8: [10][11] The effect of acetone on fuel economy was addressed on the popular American TV show ________ in 2006, in which they observed a decrease on fuel economy.
MythBusters (2005 season)MythBusters (2007 season)MythBustersMythBusters (2008 season)

Question 9: Bisphenol-A is a component of many polymers such as polycarbonates, polyurethanes, and ________.

Question 10: At very high vapor concentrations, acetone is irritating and, like many other solvents, may depress the ________.
NeuronWhite matterCentral nervous systemGrey matter


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