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Ace Books: Quiz


Question 1: Two prominent editors, ________ and Terry Carr, left in 1971, and in 1972 Ace was sold to Grosset & Dunlap.
Donald A. WollheimAce BooksCyril M. KornbluthScience fiction

Question 2: Writers who have worked at Ace include ________, Ellen Kushner, and Laura Anne Gilman.
Isaac AsimovFrederik PohlScience fictionCyril M. Kornbluth

Question 3: The company was founded in ________ in 1952 by Aaron A. Wyn, and began as a genre publisher of mysteries and westerns.
New York CityBrooklynManhattanNew York metropolitan area

Question 4: Carr returned to Ace Books in 1984 as a ________ editor,[17] launching a new series of Ace Specials devoted entirely to first novels.
FreelancerWeb designPublishingCopy editing

Question 5: Ace published much early work of other prominent authors, including John Brunner, Thomas M. Disch, and ________.
Robert SilverbergIsaac AsimovScience fictionFrederik Pohl

Question 6: [1] Other genres also made an appearance, including nonfiction, gothic novels, media ________ novelizations, and romances.
The Minority ReportTie-inStar WarsWe Can Remember It for You Wholesale

Question 7: Wyn was already a well-established publisher of books and ________ under the name A. A. Wyn's Magazine Publishers.
Science fiction magazineAmazing StoriesRobert E. HowardPulp magazine

Question 8: In 1953, ________'s The World of Null-A, bound with his The Universe Maker, appeared; this was Ace's first foray into science fiction.
Lester del ReyIsaac AsimovA. E. van VogtJohn W. Campbell

Question 9: Editor ________ was working at Avon Books in 1952, but disliked his job.
Donald A. WollheimAce BooksScience fictionCyril M. Kornbluth

Question 10: A few thick volumes, such as the 1967 paperback of ________'s Dune, were priced at 95 cents.
Dune universeFrank HerbertChapterhouse: DuneDune Messiah

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