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Accuracy International Arctic Warfare: Quiz


Question 1: The AW50F is a variant of the AW50 adopted by the ________.
QueenslandAustralian Defence ForceDarwin, Northern TerritoryAustralian English

Question 2: Rather than a traditional wooden or ________ rifle stock, the AW is based on an aluminium chassis which extends the entire length of the stock.
Polymer chemistryPlasticNylonPolymer

Question 3: This rifle has seen service in recent conflicts such as Operation Granby and ________.
Operation Red DawnOperation Bayonet LightningOperation TelicOperation Iron Hammer (Iraq 2003)

Question 4: The Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) can be configured for various actions (all Accuracy International and some ________ receivers), triggers, and other items.
Remington 700Cartridge (firearms)M40 rifleM24 Sniper Weapon System

Question 5:
In which of these wars was the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare used?

Question 6:
What type is thing is Accuracy International Arctic Warfare?

Question 7: The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle is a family of ________ sniper rifles designed and manufactured by the British company Accuracy International.
Lee-EnfieldM1 GarandBolt actionMagazine (firearms)

Question 8:
What kind of service does Accuracy International Arctic Warfare get?
Rapid Express
Limited Express
1982 , 1988 , 1990, to present

Question 9: It is notably used by the USSOCOM ________ (Delta Force) and British 22 SAS.
United States Special Operations Command160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (United States)Delta ForceIntelligence Support Activity

Question 10: ________, the Arctic Warfare Magnum, variant in larger calibre.
Accuracy International AW50FAccuracy International Arctic WarfareBarrett M82Accuracy International AWM

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